Skyshi is a software development company located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia that focuses on assisting startup to scale up their business by using latest technologies and exploring new ideas. Our services are including: create MVP (Minimum Viable Products), build mobile apps, extends the existing team and launch new features for startup. Since 2012, with more than 30 passionate developers and designers, Skyshi has been assisting 5 startups every month to build or scale up their business. As a company, we value novel technology and constant improvement, that’s why we always motivate our developers to learn something new and share it with anyone including someone outside of our company through Medium or Techtalk.



We want to build a work environment where people are happy, productive, and interact well.

Personal interaction, in particular, is something we emphasize a lot. We work hard to find people who make others want to be around them. We know we're doing a good job of hiring so long as we see people continuing to join simply to work with those who are already here.

We're quite transparent internally. This helps everyone make better local decisions and avoid the split-brain behavior. (Plus, we hire curious people, so they generally want to know the details of what's going on.)


As a company who drives its employee to learn something new, we always implement the latest best technology available for our client. If you are sick with slow API response, don’t worry we use NodeJS which capable to deal with request asynchronously so you don’t need to wait for the overall process to be completed to get a response. Or do you worried about your CMS security? Just chill, by using Drupal not only we guarantee that your content is secure but your CMS will load faster plus you can customize it to your liking. Or do you want to give novel experience for your mobile user but still execute complex algorithm under the hood? Challenge accepted. We will use React to make your apps load smoothly since the main UI and the algorithm will run on a different thread. Other than those, we have much more technology that applies to various cases. So, don’t worry about our skill just worry that you couldn’t provide more challenge for us.



As a company who used to be a startup, we understand the pain of human resources hunting. It is a common sense that to recruit a qualified human resource will take time and resources, but sometimes the even big company doesn’t have such luxury.

On the other hand, if we compromise with the quality of human resources to fulfill the time and resources constraint, we will also compromise our product quality, which is no better than having no product at all.

Therefore, Skyshi provides battle-tested human resources with diverse skill-set that you can hire or retain at any moment without spending extra resources in the recruitment process. Supported by the disciplined reporting system, we guarantee that any project involving us will minimize technical issue due to bad practice in communication between team members.